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The latest project completed is SWEPT (Surveying the Waterway Environment for Pollution Threats). The final report for this award-winning citizen science water quality project can be found here with appendices here (in word to aid re-use here) and the SWEPT sharing event webinar recording here. The project helped to build up a detailed picture of the level of nitrates across the Milford Haven waterway.

Progress reports by the managers of the SAC (the relevant authorities for the site) on the implementation of the SAC Management Scheme are available from the SAC Officer. (Management documents can be downloaded from the downloads section, as can publicity material including a marine life poster and postcards that showcase the beauty that underwater Pembrokeshire has to offer).

Projects worked upon in recent years include the Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish Pilot Initiative and native oyster restoration.

The SAC partnership has also developed some recreational codes of conduct to help protect SAC features. Information on voluntary sensitive habitat protection zones within the Milford Haven Waterway is available here. Information on the bait digging Code of Conduct for the Gann mudflats near Dale is here. NRW are currently looking at this to determine the best way forward into the future.

The website allows you to view videos and images, find out more about the marine wildlife features of the site, provides information on how to report marine wildlife sightings and how to get further involved in site management.

The SAC Officer is currently working on a bilingual education pack for the shore for use, not only by schools, but by any organised group or even individual families. Some of the content for the Seashore Activity Pack is available on the SAC Twitter and Facebook pages and these feeds will announce when the pack is complete.

If you have any queries about the Pembrokeshire Marine Special Area of Conservation, please contact the SAC Officer.