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Being involved  

Everyone can make a difference

The ultimate success of site management will not only be dependent on the statutory authorities, but all stakeholders of the Special Area of Conservation – interested bodies, individual users and local communities. Everyone has a part to play in the site’s future management. By working together, in partnership and with stakeholders, we can ensure that we protect not just some fascinating marine species and important habitats, but important economic assets for the area and an opportunity to further enhance the reputation of Pembrokeshire as an area of good environmental quality. Successful management will ensure that the Pembrokeshire Marine SAC can be enjoyed and used as a resource for future generations to come.

You can help to make a difference in one or some of the following ways.

• Be aware of the marine wildlife of Pembrokeshire; watch the videos on this site and browse the images. Be proud of what is there, and share that knowledge with others. “Through interpretation, understanding; through understanding, appreciation; through appreciation, protection” Freeman Tilden (Interpreting our Heritage, 1957).

• Tell someone about your marine life sightings of wildlife. Your information is valuable!

• If you'd like to help with land-based practical environmental projects, then look at volunteer opportunities via the Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership. Voluntary opportunities range from practical conservation work, survey work, administration assistance or helping at events.

• The Sea Trust is a section of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. Dolphins particularly Common, Bottlenose, and Risso’s Dolphins, and Harbour Porpoises but also other marine life including; whales, seals, sharks, other fish, jelly fish, turtles and plankton are surveyed, monitored and recorded by Sea Trust volunteers in Pembrokeshire. For more information on their work visit the Sea Trust website at www.seatrust.org.uk

• If you have any information on the marine wildlife of the site, information on activities taking place within or adjacent to it, any issues, concerns, views or ideas, or simply want to find out more, then contact the SAC Officer.

• Good environmental practice will help protect all natural resources which all living things rely on. Visit the Centre for Alternative Technology or the West Wales ECO Centre to find out how you can alter your lifestyle to reduce your indirect impact on biodiversity.