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The Pembrokeshire Marine Special Area of Conservation has been chosen because it contains some of the best examples of marine habitats and species of European importance. This is despite the locally intensive pressures of human activities on the marine environment, particularly during the last century.

To ensure that Pembrokeshire's natural marine environment is protected into and beyond the twenty first century, a management scheme for the SAC has been developed.

Liaison structure

The management scheme has been developed by the group of responsible relevant authorities, with the help of the Liaison Forum. The management scheme document (technical and summary versions) can be downloaded from the downloads page

The management scheme is a proactive document that considers existing activities and issues and seeks to identify actions that can maintain or enhance the features of the site. It doesn’t deal with new activity or development. These “plans or projects”, as they are referred to in the legislation, are required to undergo Habitats Regulation Assessments (a step-wise process intended to ensure that the project is compatible with the conservation objectives for the site). See the separate plans and/or projects page for more detail.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is required to provide advice on:

  1. Conservation objectives for the Pembrokeshire European Marine Site.
  2. Information on activities that may damage the interest features.
LitterThis advice forms the basis for the development of the management scheme. Regular monitoring of the European Marine Site will be necessary to ensure that the management scheme remains satisfactory. The findings will be reported to the European Commission every 6 years.

In practice, the European Marine Site will make very little difference to most people on a day-to-day basis. The Habitats Directive supports the principle of sustainable development and there is no intention to exclude human activities, such as economic and recreational development, from European Marine Sites. The only activities that may be affected will be those that are likely to have a significant effect on the interest features. Most activities will not do this and so will not be affected. Those that are considered to pose a threat to the interest features will be carefully assessed to see how any damaging effects may be avoided.

The surrounding sea is every Pembrokeshire resident's backyard. A healthy and pleasant environment is both an enjoyable place to live and an important economic asset.