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The Countryside Council for Wales is the executive authority for the conservation of wildlife habitat and geological sites, and for the protection of wild animal and plant species, in the sea and on land in Wales. It is the agent for the Government's fulfilment of international obligations and advises the UK Government on these matters through the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. The Council is required to keep the countryside of Wales under constant review and to offer its independent advice to Government and others as necessary about the protection of its natural beauty and amenity and their enjoyment by the people of Wales and its visitors. The Council promotes that enjoyment in a way which encourages understanding of the environment, and sustains public support for the conservation of natural resources.


Environment AgencyThe Environment Agency Wales has a wide range of statutory duties and powers related to its functions. Many of these are relatively unchanged from those carried out by the NRA, HMIP and the WRAs. However, the 1995 Environment Act consolidated and amended inherited duties and added new duties including making a contribution to sustainable development, having regard to costs and benefits, compiling records on the state of the environment, producer responsibility and contaminated land.


Pembrokeshire Coast NAtional Park AuthorityPembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is a single purpose authority set up in 1996, as part of local re-organisation in Wales. The Environment Act 1992 sets out two purposes for National Parks in England and Wales:- conservation "to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of National Parks"; Education and recreation "to promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities (of the Parks) by the public". The National Park Authority also acts as the sole local planning authority for the area within its boundaries.


Pembrokeshire County CouncilPembrokeshire County Council is a multi-purpose authority with responsibilities covering the environment, transport, education, social services, housing and economic development. Duties and activities include town and country planning, coastal defence, economic development and tourism, coastal management, beach management, emergency planning, and water quality montoring.




5.	Milford Haven Port Authority Milford Haven Port Authority - formally the Milford Haven Conservancy Board - is a Trust Port set up as an independent statutory body by Act of Parliament in 1958. Its general duty is to promote and protect both local and national interests in the development of the Haven for public benefit. In particular it serves the navigational needs of the commercial interests in the Haven.


The South Wales Sea Fisheries Committee was amalgamated into the Welsh Assembly Government on 1 April 2010. In England SFC’s were replaced by Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities (IFCAs). In Wales the functions and duties of the SFC’s have been taken over by WAG.


Trinity House Lighthouse Service has a duty to deliver modern, reliable and economic aids to navigation service, to assist the safety of all classes of mariners in general navigation. Its principal activities include buoy laying, superintendence of and consent to local lights, wreck marking and/or dispersal, helicopter and lighthouse operations, and the provision of differential GPS.




Welsh Water Welsh Water Dwr Cymru Cyf/Welsh Water Plc (part of the Hyder group) is appointed by the Secretary of State for Wales to be the water and sewerage undertaker for Wales under the Water Industry Act 1991. As such the Company is entrusted with supplying its customers with clean wholesome drinking water and disposing of their sewage waste, whilst furthering conservation in all of its activities.