Grey seal female at waters edge (Kate Lock - Natural resources Wales)

Grey seals

Grey seals, Halichoerus grypus, can be found within the site throughout the year, particularly obvious at low tide when they can often be seen ‘hauled out’ on the rocks. The best places to see seals are the offshore islands, although they do venture within the Milford Haven waterway and have been seen feeding within the Daugleddau estuary.

Grey seals breed on undisturbed beaches of cobble and boulders, and on cobble beaches within sea-caves along the coast. Pupping time occurs from August through to December with September and October being the busiest months. Pups tend to be born earlier on Ramsey than they are on Skomer. After three weeks the white coated pups have moulted and are ready to fend for themselves. Adult seals congregate in large numbers on beaches between December and February to moult.

To read more about reducing disturbance to seals, see the marine code information on the projects page.

Grey seals one of the least common seal species in the world. The west Wales population size, as determined by pup production estimates, is approximately 5000 individuals. This represents about 4% of the UK population and around 2% of the world population of grey seals. Those around the west Wales coast are the most southerly breeding population in Europe.