Grassholm (Sue Burton)

More marine wildlife

The Pembrokeshire Marine SAC may have been designated for certain species and habitats but there is far more that can be found within its boundaries.

Other overlapping Marine Protected Area designations (see Marine conservation in Pembrokeshire) highlight the importance of the seas off Pembrokeshire for many sea birds and the Harbour Porpoise. Sea Trust have worked tirelessly to gather data on the Harbour Porpoise and run a citizen science Porpoise Photo-ID Project.

Big cousins to the Harbour Porpoise are the many dolphins that pass through the SAC. Common dolphins are the most frequently seen, but the larger Bottlenose Dolphin and Risso’s Dolphin are also frequently seen. Whales are often sighted too, especially Minke Whales.

Further offshore on the edge of the Celtic Deep sightings include Blue Sharks, Basking Sharks, Fin Whales, Bluefin Tuna, Sunfish and even the odd Leatherback Turtle. You never quite know what you’ll be lucky enough to see, even close to land.

Sunfish (Natural Resources Wales)