Shanny fish able to change colour (Sue Burton)

Want to know what to find where?

An indication of where the conservation features are within the SAC can be seen at Pembrokeshire Marine non-interactive A3 map ( However, if you want to find out more detail about specific species, information about some of the wildlife within the SAC has been incorporated into the

Wales Coast Explorer App. There is a dedicated section on rocky shores, and you can also find information about grey seals and other marine mammals such as dolphins and whales. The App also contains information about coastal plants and animals and maritime archaeology.

Information about some of the marine wildlife found in Pembrokeshire can also be seen at Wild Seas Wales where a wildlife calendar helps indicate when species might be around. Guidance is also provided about how to minimise disturbance to these species by following codes of conduct. See the marine code information on the projects page.

Comb jelly beroe cucumis (Sue Burton)