Kelp forest (Rohan Holt at CloudBase Productions Ltd)

Why is the site important?

A healthy marine environment is essential to our everyday lives.  It provides us with oxygen to breathe, food to eat and even helps our mental health. We are learning more every day about the value of this underwater world, benefits such as flood & coastal protection, pharmaceuticals, technology inspiration, absorption and storage of Carbon (Carbon sequestration).

The marine environment has been intrinsic to our existence for centuries and consequently is a vital part of our culture, economy, past and future. It is woven into our way of life.

The SAC contributes towards global biodiversity conservation with international recognition of the importance of the site’s wildlife features. By looking after the SAC, we are not only fulfilling international and nationally agreed biodiversity targets and legislation, but also helping to maintain and increase all those multiple benefits connected to a healthy marine environment now and for generations to come.

Okenia elegans nudibranch  (Seasearch - David Kipling)