Mussels and Dahlia anemone (Seasearch - Blaise Bullimore)


Sea cliffs and gorges, wide sandy plains and rich rippled mud all extend downwards from the famously beautiful Pembrokeshire coast into the depths below where they provide an underwater landscape that hosts a hidden world of astonishing sea life.

The variable seabed geology, the wide variety of exposure to wind, waves and tidal currents, and the mixing of warm waters from the south and cold waters from the north all combine to offer a huge choice of different homes for Pembrokeshire’s marine life both above and below the waves. This is why there is a lot that is special about the Pembrokeshire Marine SAC.

Cuckoo wrasse male colours above red fingers soft coral (Rohan Holt, Cloudbase Productions Ltd)
Blue rayed limpets on kelp

What's special?

Shanny fish able to change colour-box

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